recent knitting

Well. I went to drop in a few pictures of the things I’ve knit since I last posted about my completed projects. Turns out I’ve finished a ton of stuff this year! All these pictures are on both my Flickr and Ravelry pages, so if you follow me in either of those places, none of this will be new. Also, this post is a beast.

First up: Eivor. I made this for Clara but it was too small. I gave it away to a special baby friend. I’m really proud of this; it’s the loveliest thing I’ve knit.


This is Ishbel. I made it for my seester for her wedding. I don’t like knitting shawls (even though I’ve made three this year!) but this one is pretty fun.

Sea Silk Ishbel

Sea Silk Ishbel

For my beloved goddaughter’s 7th birthday I knit her a Kerrera. The pattern is pretty intense but the finished product is awesome, and so cozy and soft. Also, it is pretty huge on her so she’ll be able to wear it for years. Fairy godmother points to me.

Guinevere's Kerrera Lucy modeled it for me and asked for one of her own right away, so I’m 3/4 of the way through a purple Kerrera for her. Lucky duck. Doing the giant hood and then the double garter edging again, which is all I have left, is making me crazy. 

Guinevere's Kerrera

I was originally going to make matching shawls for Meribeth and me for the wedding but that didn’t pan out. And Kerrera is reemphasizing that I do not love to knit the same pattern twice in a row, so I ripped it out and switched to Halligarth. But I didn’t gauge swatch and my knitting is looser than it’s supposed to be, so I had to do fewer repeats than the pattern called for, and it looks airier than the pattern. Which is fine, because I still love it. But at some point I want to knit another one to look like the sample. (It matched my bridesmaid’s dress perfectly. Booya.)



These are just basic slip stitch heel ribbed socks, but the yarn is amazing. They could have been a couple of inches taller. Still gorgeous.



I knit this hat in the week we were at my parents’ house in August. It’s my favourite colours and the yarn is just lovely.

Favourite Colours Phew. There it all is. I just really love knitting! On tap for the fall are: a few cabled hats for various hatless members of the family, buttons on Clara’s finished sweater, the rest of Lucy’s Kerrera, a super awesome colourblocked sweater for Rowan, a secret project, and a fingering weight striped sweater for me. What a lovely queue. 

four sweaters and a shawl

I’ve finished a few things this year already. But in the blogging hiatus, they haven’t been posted.

Two tiny sweaters made from Tanis Fiber Arts yarn:

Baby Abernathy

one is a little Abernathy sweater, which I’ve knit twice before and love


and the other is a Kriá and is a proper Icelandic sweater with a steek. (Steeking means knitting a tube and then cutting it for the zipper.)

Two sweaters for me:

Katrine sweater

one Katrine cardigan out of Quince and Co Puffin

My Grande Favorito

and one Il Grande Favorito out of Cascade Eco +. They’re both amazingly cozy and warm and I wear them all the time.

Finally, my Christmas road trip van knitting:

Tosh shawl

a Boneyard Shawl in Madelinetosh Sock. Tosh yarn definitely lives up to the hype.

Currently I’ve got a tiny sweater finished but for the buttons, a spring shawl a third finished, and I’m about to turn the heel on a pair of socks made out of the most gorgeous yarn I’ve ever seen.

Project details, if you want them, are on Ravelry.

made: little sweaters

I finished a couple of little sweaters for my tiny boy baby friends.

For Baby M, a Gramps sweater with bulky yarn knit extra-tightly that will be super warm in the winter.



And for Baby L, an R&R Hoodie with the yarn called for in the pattern, which was magical to work with. And completely machine wash-and-dry-able too!



I like them. (Links go to my Ravelry project pages.)

made: clara’s bonnet

Poof! It’s summer. Clara has no hair and thus required some sort of adorable headgear, and lo! the Purl Bee posted this pattern! I made it at once. (It reminded me how challenging and/or frustrating it is to sew with a little baby around. But I still finished it!)




I sparkly heart love it.