christmas prayer for peace

O God

Tonight we celebrate your birth

The moment you fractured the barrier between heaven and earth.


We have heard this story two thousand times.

The story of the Prince of Peace born as a pauper.

We know that you were a worker of miracles,

Became great, then died as a criminal.

You conquered death.

Your story spread around the world.


O God

We have come here in faith, to hear the story once again.

We yearn for hope, for peace.

We look around us, and our hearts cry out, weeping at the violence and hatred around us.

We don’t understand.

Where is your peace?

What good are our prayers?


Give us a new look at what we are celebrating:

As the shepherds – why do the angels come to us?

As  the wise men – why isn’t the King in the palace?

As the innkeeper – why don’t we make the space for Christ?

Your story doesn’t make sense.


The world is calling for peace.

We need you, God.

We need your healing presence.

Your ways are not our ways, and thank heaven for that.

Your peace is new.

Your peace is different.

Your peace is as strange as a baby-king, born in a manger.

Your peace is as incomprehensible as the death of our saviour.

Your peace is as spectacular as the star bursting into light.


O God,

You made yourself small enough to fit inside our world.

You entered our story to change it from the inside.

Give us new faith, new hope, new joy.


Come, Lord Jesus. Bring your peace.