a writing update

In the time since I last posted, some things have happened.

  1. I completed all four drafts of my first novel. I wrote it, rewrote it, edited it close in (grammar and syntax), then a final edit to fix all the inconsistencies and awkward parts and weak dialogue and dangling bits. That fourth one was a pain in the ass, let me tell you. But it helped a lot. For a first attempt, I feel that I didn’t do too badly, process-wise. Currently the final draft is out with my beta readers. Once I get their input, I’ll adjust things that need to be adjusted (like the first chapter, which has changed quite a bit with each edit, ugh first chapters are so hard) and then pass it on to the AMAZING person who has volunteered to copy edit it. After that, it’s rejection time! I’ve already started working on a query letter. It’s 15% exciting and 85% terrifying.
  2. I started a different writing project with my dear friends Jan and Steph. It’s called Widdershire and it’s an online repository of short writings. We’re having fun and if you didn’t already know about it, you should check it out.
  3. This past week I started my second novel. I am planning a trilogy, in fact, so book 2 is now underway. I have a general outline, which is a better place to start than a terrible twelve-year-old draft. I have new characters and a new setting. My plan is for the first book to be a somewhat upside down Chosen One story, the second to be an urban fantasy with a bit more edge to it, and the third to be postapocalyptic. I’m quite pleased with the ideas.
  4. I have finally found (well, actually Sam found) a babysitter so I have more writing and sanity time. There is no relief like the relief of a burnt out mom getting a break at last.
  5. I’ve been reading so much. Maybe I’ll do a roundup.
  6. I’ve been knitting a lot too, but with less to show for it. Everything I do seems to be fingering weight. It takes 5ever. I will never finish anything.
  7. Starbucks is definitely benefitting from my writing. What is it about coffee shops that makes it so much easier to concentrate? Unless, of course, a creepy-ass dude sits down beside you and stares at you for a couple of hours until you leave. That was so weird.
  8. The spring has been quite nice but the bugs and humidity and heat have started and I am coming to terms with the fact that I’m a weather princess, so I’ll go outside again in the fall. It’s easier to write indoors anyway.