resolutions update

So it’s mid-February now and I should update you (or possibly myself) on how I stand with regards to my resolutions.

Obvious goal: keep the kids alive and happy. Winning! They are still alive and generally happy, unless I am not fast enough with the dinner or I put Rowan to bed or I push the elevator button before I realize that Lucy absolutely must push it for her life to have meaning. This winter is really challenging, which I expected, and hopefully the weather gets a little more lenient soon. That, or I get my act together and plan more outings. I have severely underachieved at outings in 2013. So mini-goal in this category: weekly outings for sanity and joy.

Physical goal: I cannot yet do a handstand. And I don’t do yoga quite every day anymore, but it’s still most days. I am able to get into crow pose and hold it for 5-10 seconds, and that’s my first arm balance. I’m trying to step it up a notch without hurting myself. I also really want to get back into running, so I’ve signed up for the Color Run in July. Expect further bellyaching about running in future.

Professional goal: finish my doula certification. This one gets a bit of a frowny face. In January I got my website up and running (it’s and it is definitely fabulous), and next month I have another client, but I don’t have any others yet and although I’m trying to get my courses lined up, it’s a little bit more frustrating than I expected. I can always buy an extension if I need to, but I want to get it done. I’m trying to figure out how to use word-of-mouth marketing (which is often the only way doulas get clients) without being a pest. But this is the perfect opportunity for me to say, again, if you need a doula, let me know! Tell your pregnant friends!

Marriage goal: We’re going on a date for my birthday. I’m excited.

Financial goal: Buy a house. People need to sell more fabulous houses. Thus far, nothing is up to par. It is highly frustrating.

Personal goal: Write more. I’ve been posting more on the blog, even if it is mostly pictures. And I’ve been journalling. So another pat on the back for me!

Can you tell that Rowan woke up as I was finishing this post? I’ll check in again in March.


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  1. Annemarie, have you looked in the Lord Roberts or River Heights area? I know that there have been at least 4 houses up for sale in the last week…

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