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So, blogging? Do I still do that? The jury is out, But for now, here’s a general status update.

I have three kids now. Three! I did when I posted last time, but the three kids thing continues to jump out at me at regular intervals, especially since they keep growing and stuff. En masse we are quite the little gang, and I decided via Facebook that the group noun for children is madness, so I have a madness of children. I do my best to divide and conquer, as it’s hard to be the right parent for a kindergartener and a toddler and a crazy crawling baby all at once, or even two at a time.

In spite of three kids, I am making some stuff. I have finished six sweaters so far this year, five small and one big, plus various hats and things. I knit 85% of a sweater for me and it turns out that it doesn’t fit as well as I want it to, so I think it’s going to be frogged and reknit. But so far it is wadded into a bag and sitting in the corner to think about what it’s done, and I’m knitting a Christmas present instead.

I have to write a series of things for an Advent series at church, and I am in terrible denial that Advent starts in one week and two days. That is just not on, calendar. I need more time.

I realized the other day that I am not a type A personality; I am squarely type B. I like the big picture and the perfect ideal that I visualize, but when it comes down to getting the work done, let’s just crank the thing out so that we can move on to the next big idea. Realizing that has meant that I can let go of this sense that I ought to be a perfectionist. I’d like to be, because having everything just so would be terribly nice, but it won’t happen, so I can lay that to rest.

I also did a bunch of enneagram tests (it’s a personality testing thing) and I am a 7. Enlightening! A 7 is motivated by fun and adventure, which, yes. Also, this explains why routine stuff like cleaning my house is not my forte, since it isn’t fun. Once I have a routine locked down that’s fine, but without that, why should I start cleaning when there’s something else more awesome that could be happening? I’m not sure that this realization has been freeing or just enabling. Time will tell.

I’m also not sure that I can maintain ye blogge, but I’ve sort of missed it. Having a writing outlet is nice, even if only my mom reads it now (hi mom!). But on the theme of self-realization, it’s going to be a lot of navel-gazing because at this point, if I’m trying to write less about the kids, it’s going to be about me. I am a child of the hashtag generation and we are all narcissists. So.

If you read this, thanks! I appreciate your eyeballs.



  1. Hi Annemarie, I don’t know if I’ve ever commented (I certainly have meant to many times, but you know, madness gets in the way!). Anyway, I’ve been following your blog and your tumblr for ages; I love them both! I’m a fellow Winnipeg mama (of two) and feel oddly connected to you despite the fact we’ve never met (hope that’s not creepy, it’s not meant to be!) So I would love to see you keep writing and reflecting 🙂

    Well, I’m off to check out enneagram tests. I’m keen to see if I too can have an explanation for why cleaning isn’t my forte!

    • Hi! That’s not creepy at all. Thanks for the confidence boost! Read through all the enneagram profiles from a few different places – my tests all called me a 2, which, NOPE. Definitely a 7.

  2. I read you too. I have been crap at my own blog but I’m always a little sad when other people don’t write on theirs for awhile. I can always hear your voice in your blog and that makes me smile and not feel quite so far away.

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