a bit of catch up

I missed blogging.

With three smalls who are still very small, I have a difficult time finding any sort of balance, consistent or otherwise, between everyone’s needs. Even when it’s just me finding a balance is hard, and currently it’s the Battle of Five Armies for my attention. And I feel like Bilbo, knocked unconscious wearing a ring of invisibility right at the start. Three children accounts for at least three of those armies.

So what have we been up to since the summer? We did a road trip and we’re going to do it again, this time with bonus prairie blizzards and probably more wrathful baby sounds. The driving part is not going to be spectacular, especially since there’s always a blizzard at some point, but I can’t wait to be festive the Plenert way.

We trek to school twice a day now, bundled up to the eyebrows. Lucy is continually asking me to slow down because walking in snowpants is harrrrrrrd. Clara is fully, 100% prairie baby, because she fell asleep in the stroller when it was -20 with wind. Rowan has made friends with a pickup truck that we have to walk around every day, and when it is not there when we pass, he is distraught. Why are vehicles such a thing?

I have hardly had any time to knit this week and it’s been terrible. Woe. I’ve had to use my spare time to write a thing for the Advent series at church. It’s not done yet and my deadline is Sunday, but it’s a self-imposed deadline for the latter three Sundays so it’s just not going to happen. Tomorrow is the big Christmas craft sale and also the CMU Christmas concert, so I am busy. I also have some actual parties this year (parties! plural!) so that requires attention.

Tomorrow we are also setting up the tree, so you can look forward to some great pictures of Clara trying to pull it down. And that’s all I’ve got for now. My blogging muscles are feeling stiff. So rather than a clever denouement, here are my children. Look! Cute!

She's so funny.


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