saturday, snow, and other items of perfection

Today was about as close to perfect as Saturdays get these days. With the help of a little Benadryl to deal with the runny nose I picked up from Clara, I finally got an entire night of sleep and woke up feeling glorious. Last night was Clara’s first ever bedtime without me and she was a little sad but just fine. Even though each little milestone is another move away from babydom, it’s so great every time I get a little more independence. Mama needs breaks, yo.

So this morning I got my morning snuggles and loves, and then abandoned ship for the Third + Bird craft sale. It used to just be the Vineyard craft sale, but they clearly needed to hipsterize their brand. At least half the vendors were “blank and blank,” and half of those had an x-styled logo, but trends, hipsters, what ya gonna do. The stuff was pretty awesome. I found something for each of the girls and a couple of things for me, and also cinnamon buns.

It snowed like Narnia in the night, so I forewent the car and took the bus to the sale, which was an ace decision. I miss taking the bus without children because it’s so relaxing. I am not concerned for the wellbeing of the vehicle, and I can read my book and just chill out. I had university flashbacks in the very best way.

When I got home, I was sure that Clara would be desperate for me, but instead this happened.

Mama, you were gone too long.

So I went right back outside to shovel the driveway. It’s pretty big, and a bit tricky, but I secretly love shoveling snow so I had fun, even if my back is a bit cranky now.

Then I took the girls to the Christmas at CMU concert, to mixed reviews. I’m hoping that it’s one of those things that is better in memory than it was in actuality, because Lucy was unsure about having to sit and listen to other people. “This is just like church but we don’t get to do any singing” was her comment. But one of her beloved babysitters was in the women’s chorus, and we went to the Grinch reading and the interactive children’s session, so all in all it wasn’t bad. I said hi to at least fifty people in the Plenert tradition.

And my agenda for the evening is tea & blankets & knitting & something fluffy on Netflix, so that should round out the day just right.

Except that every half hour I remember that I have to do my Advent story in church tomorrow and I have a moment of panic. But if things were perfect it would be terribly boring. Or something.

Look at my cute wintry house!

Our house looks so cute in the snow.

And scene.