four sweaters and a shawl

I’ve finished a few things this year already. But in the blogging hiatus, they haven’t been posted.

Two tiny sweaters made from Tanis Fiber Arts yarn:

Baby Abernathy

one is a little Abernathy sweater, which I’ve knit twice before and love


and the other is a Kriá and is a proper Icelandic sweater with a steek. (Steeking means knitting a tube and then cutting it for the zipper.)

Two sweaters for me:

Katrine sweater

one Katrine cardigan out of Quince and Co Puffin

My Grande Favorito

and one Il Grande Favorito out of Cascade Eco +. They’re both amazingly cozy and warm and I wear them all the time.

Finally, my Christmas road trip van knitting:

Tosh shawl

a Boneyard Shawl in Madelinetosh Sock. Tosh yarn definitely lives up to the hype.

Currently I’ve got a tiny sweater finished but for the buttons, a spring shawl a third finished, and I’m about to turn the heel on a pair of socks made out of the most gorgeous yarn I’ve ever seen.

Project details, if you want them, are on Ravelry.