i am a famous novelist

Well, I guess I’m not actually famous yet. But I am a novelist, or a partial one. I am a quarter of the way to my goal of eighty thousand words, so I’m posting it on my blog for the world to see. World meaning the five people who read my blog. (Hi Mom!)

In high school I started writing an epic fantasy novel about a girl who was Very Special and underwent Serious Trials and Tribulations while wearing Elaborate Dresses and Falling In Love All Over The Place with Interesting and Older Men. Yeah. I worked on it well into university, until I was taking a full course load plus choir plus basketball and I ran out of time for novels. When I picked it back up again that summer, I was mortified and threw away all my notes.

A couple of times in the intervening decade (DECADE) I opened up the Word file and reread it. I would say “Hmm, has potential, requires a heavy editing hand,” close it again, and go about my business. I blogged, I wrote things for church, I journaled, and I kept it in the back of my head as something I might come back to. A few times I decided to start writing again and could not come up with another idea for a book. Also, there were children.

A few weeks ago I came across a tutorial on the hidden depths of Scrivener (the tutorial is expired, or I would link to it), and I had to try out all the tricks I learned. I opened up that massive file, imported it, and started fiddling around with the program. When I realized I could export an .epub file, I re-reread all 52 000 words on my iPad. Then I started making notes.

Six weeks after starting the rewrite with a nearly complete overhaul of the plot and characters, I’m starting to get into the exciting bits. I’m going to start posting here about my process as a record of the process. So stay tuned! Which probably means check back in two or three weeks, when I remember to post again.


  1. Also, I can’t comment on your last post, but just wanted to say how much I loved it, it really resonated with me!

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