pictured: halloween twenty thirteen

This year was awesome because we got to give out treats in our neighbourhood and go trick-or-treating too! Lucy took a couple of houses to get the idea of deliberately knocking on strangers’ doors and then talking to them, but then she got into it and had a great time. We went up and down the street in our little fairy-tale gang: St George, the fearsome dragon, and the beautiful princess (I did not bestow that title upon myself; it came from Lucy, who was obviously allowed to have a lot of reward treats for flattering her mama so well). The kids’ costumes were both really simple and made from fleece in my stash. They took almost no time. My costume came entirely from my closet – any excuse to bust out the fantasy gear! I absolutely love dressing up with the kids and we had a great time doing the whole thing properly for the first time. Happy Hallowe’en!