pictured: knitting extremes

This morning:
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Tiny yarn on tiny needles.

This evening:
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Giant yarn on giant needles.

The difference feels weird.

(Stats: tiny yarn is Doodles in String Sock, colourway Laocoon, needles are 2.75mm. Giant yarn is Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Yarn, colourway is Stonewash Blue, and needles are 12mm. Neither are projects that I need to finish before Christmas, so why am I working on them? Because they’re fluffy, that’s why.)

the living room

I realized that I hadn’t posted pictures of our living room since it got a bit of a facelift. And since I cleaned the heck out of my house today, I took the opportunity to get pictures, even though there are still lots of things to perfect. I looked around and said “oh my gosh! It’s clean! I must grab the camera!” and then I looked at the pictures and saw the stuff and nonsense hiding in sneaky places, the way stuff and nonsense does, and how the chain that Sam hung on my dead branch “light fixture” (I still love it, by the way) is still there, and the curtains are still horrible burgundy polyester and really ought to die in a fire, and how the rug desperately needs one of those rug grippy things so we stop tripping over it. The string of Instagram pictures is temporary too, because art is expensive and/or a lot of work. But! It’s pretty clean, and you can see our awesome sofa and yellow chair! They’re from EQ3, a Winnipeg-based company that tries to make everything in Canada. They are really lovely and comfortable. The toy basket came from Ten Thousand Villages. We built the media tower out of three LACK tables from IKEA that are glued together. Seriously. The TV is going to end up in the basement (which I also haven’t put on the blog… hmm) but we need to build a corner shelf for it first.

So funny story about the couch situation. We moved in here with the same sofa bed that we had in the apartment. I wanted it to go in the basement, and we were going to get an IKEA couch with a chaise extension because I love those. It was the one thing we agreed on when I was showing Sam all my Pinterest ideas. But the sofa bed didn’t fit down the stairs, not even a little bit. We tried three times, dissembling it more and more, until the third time we broke it to bits. Oops. So it’s languishing in pieces in the garage, and I decided that because tall people come to visit us, and we are tall and often use the sofa bed (not because of one or the other being “in trouble” – someone snores and someone else needs a lot of space in bed these days) that we needed to get a good one, and not another IKEA option. So the IKEA sofa, that we’d already bought for the living room but without the chaise extension, went down to the basement and the sofa bed is in the living room. The cats ADORE the straight back up against the window – all the better for drooling over the birdie visitors to our junipers.

I am so not going to end up on Design Sponge or Apartment Therapy, but that’s okay. I like my house and I hope I get more points for being “unstaged” than for being perfect.

Plus, bonus fatcat and window bats from Halloween.




pictured: labeled




Mom’s group day means that it’s extra embarrassing when I call my children by the cats’ names. (I wish I was just making a joke.)

tea: a cautionary tale

When you are a tea hoarder collector as I am, it behooves you to label your tea canisters. Do not expect to remember even the most memorable looking & smelling teas after a few months. The tea with little blue bits is not quite the same as the one with blue and red bits, or the one with red and white bits. And one of them has caffeine in. And there’s also a mysterious black tea that has no distinguishing bits at all.

Do not make my mistake, fair readers. Label your tea. Buy a labelmaker expressly for the purpose, lest the tea with blue & red bits forever go unnamed.